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Now’s the time to cut back

Winter is the ideal time for trimming hedges and neatening overgrown shrubs and bushes. STIHL has a diverse range of hedge trimmers in a choice of petrol, electric or cordless models to keep your garden tidy throughout the year.



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lithium-ion hedge trimmers


  • Keeping the blades of your hedge trimmer sharp is vital - dull blades won’t cut through the vegetation properly, causing the blade to snag and making cuts uneven, resulting in an untidy finish.

  • Always start from the bottom up when trimming hedges or shrubs. Pay close attention to the depth of your trim: if you cut too far into the hedge or bush it will look straggly and uneven. Go slow and only trim a few inches at a time.



Pruning wisteria in winter: an important topic for all passionate gardening fans.


If you let wisteria grow uncontrolled, they can cause damage to the house due to their strong shoots. Therefore it is important to cut it back.

In this video, Jane Moore explains how to do it easily. Furthermore she shares her personal gardening tips on pruning wisteria with you.