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seasonal tips

Ok, we cannot deny it any longer - autumn is over and winter has officially arrived. But being outdoors is great at this time of year - not too hot and still plenty of sunshine so don’t forget the hat and sunblock!


Now is the time to get rid of overhanging branches and dead wood, and it’s so easy to convert them into neat logs for the fireplace or a midday braai with your STIHL chainsaw. Caring for your power tools will extend their lifespan, so after using your chainsaw, remove and clean the saw chain and the guide bar, and get rid of any dirt, sawdust and wood shavings from the housing.


This is also the time to get started with your pruning as most plants are dormant and there is less risk of infection in the cut ends, although it is best to check as some plants might prefer being pruned later in the season or even in early spring. 


Hedge trimmers are specially designed for cutting back hedges and bushes, and make light work of neatening up those straggly bits that ruin the neatness of your green spaces.  A wise tip is to trim your hedges to be wider at the bottom and narrower at the top, whether the top is flat, pointed, or rounded. This ensures that the lower branches receive enough sunlight to grow healthily.


You will have to get rid of what is (hopefully) the final shedding of leaves by trees and plants in your garden. Luckily STIHL shredders will get rid of this organic debris in a jiffy, and even better, will convert it into mulch or compost to feed your garden. Mulch is also great at protecting sensitive areas from the cold and moderating soil temperatures.